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About us

CAME, a Non-Profit Organization, supports foreign children and students who resides in Japan with the goal to understand and keep up in Japanese school subjects. In addition through schools and boards of education, we support the idea of “Education, Advancement, and Learning” by partnering with international students, Japanese native speaking teachers, and bilingual teachers who could speak fluent Japanese and English.


Learning Support App:「ことば城」
Learn Japanese vocabularies that are used during classes in a quiz format by using our free app, 『ことば城』. This app lets you learn the words in your native and Japanese at the same time. It also comes with a search function to further your understanding of the lesson subject beforehand!
JSL (Japanese as a Second Language) Class
Struggling in class contents, difficulty to understand in your native tongue? The 『Learning Support App+three teachers』will assist you to study in Japanese as well as consulting on study methods. Please feel free to contact us!
Online community
Interact with junior, high school, university students with similar situation living in Japan through our online community. In addition to our international students, we also provide guardians information and consultation on questions regarding “Education, Learning, and Career Paths”.

JSL Class`s Information Session

Date and time:End of April

How to participate:ZOOM(free)

Preparations:PC or smartphone

①Apply by LINE


②Apply by e-mail

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